What Could You Do With An Extra 30 Customers Each And Every Month, Guaranteed?

We help local businesses grow by bringing in customer opportunities consistently every month.

Facebook Ads Marketing

With over 2 billion active users on its platform, Facebook has positioned itself as the go-to option in advertising. Your company will benefit rather profitably from this popular social behemoth and we’ll drive you to where those profits are.

Lead Generating Chat Bots

We use cutting edge marketing tools to boost your client acquisition strategies. One of the newest and most effective digital marketing trends is automated chat bots through Facebook Messenger. Let’s design one for your company!

Landing Page

Websites are important to your business and brand. We even build them. But a landing page moves a user to take action! Our landing page designs will skyrocket your next campaign.

Lead Nurturing Guidance

Tired of getting all the leads only to watch them fall through the cracks? Imagine yourself finally converting a higher percentage of the people who contact you, interested in what your company offers! We can get you there.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Alan and the team are a joy to work with. They were quick to respond to my needs and very patient. They took our idea and pushed it beyond what we thought possible. Polite, professional and courteous 100% of the time! Thanks for all the great work!”
Earnest Bloom
Healing Hand Physical Therapy Centers

“We had great results from working with Jones & Co. We are very happy. We have seen increased visibility, and we are making more money.”"
Ginger Richardson
Sparkle Fresh Car Wash

You and I may know that your business provides a valuable service, but we need everyone else to know, too. While you're an expert in your field, getting new customers can be a struggle. Let Jones & Co Marketing eliminate this stress. We take the headaches of market research, sales funnels and all the technical stuff off your plate so you can focus on your business... while we send at least 30 highly-targeted, customer opportunities straight to you each and every month. When Jones & Co is part of your team, we communicate with real data and measurable results, so you know the exact impact we're having on your business. Book a Free Strategy Session today. We’ll look at your business together, discuss your needs and goals, and provide you with a customized marketing strategy.
Alan Jones
Jones & Co Marketing

Car Wash Case Study

The process we use for each digital marketing campaign has produced results nationwide. One Car Wash in Texas recently ran the same offer for 3 months consecutively. It generated 400 leads, 86 phone calls (people ready to come in and pay money), 37 comments on the ad showing more interest in the product, and 15 shares (which equals free traffic to others from a trusted friend). Oh, and the follow up was basically on autopilot encouraging those who hadn’t come in yet to do so while the deal was still being offered!

Could you use 25 NEW client opportunities this month?

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Google Ads
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Ready For At Least 30 New Customer Opportunities This Month?

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